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A COVID-19 Innovative Solution to Have Students On Campus

Product Designed & Project Implemented by Seung Ah Choi and Myung Suh Choi

LETSBTS (Lets-Back-To-School) are repurposed, golf carts that address the innovative way for schools to have students back on campus. Each cart holds a desk; it is manufactured and equipped within a few days and can be assembled and disassembled rapidly. LETSBTS have cubicle-like standards with bio-containment (management practices that prevent the spread of infectious agents).

They can be shipped anywhere and deployed within a few hours, placed inside of the classroom Moreover, since these units are so easy to relocate, they are a feasible solution for impoverished, hard-to-reach urban areas, including informal settlements that lack any kind of educating facilities.

Product Designed & Project Implemented by,